Sunday 27 January 2013

Gluten Free Scotch Pancakes

Also known as Drop Scones, these are a very quick and easy treat. This is another one of our older recipes from 2006 and definitely one of our most used.

Preparation time - under 10 minutes
Cooking time - ~10 minutes
Makes / Serves - makes ~10-15 pancakes
Child friendly - 4/5
Difficulty rating - 1/5


200 g gluten-free self raising flour alternative
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
300 ml milk
2 teaspoons sugar
vegetable or sunflower oil for frying

  1. Put all the ingredients into a jug and beat until a smooth batter is achieved.
  2. Heat a small amount of oil in a non-stick frying pan.
  3. Once the pan is nice and hot pour tablespoons of batter into the pan to form rounds, you can either use a tablespoon or carefully pour straight from the jug.
  4. When the underside appears golden carefully turn them and cook the other side until that also appears golden.
  5. Serve immediately or once cooled store in airtight container for a day or two. 
  1. Using an electric hand mixer for this recipe reduces the preparation time to just a couple of minutes and tends to produce a much fluffier consistency.
  2. A population variation of these is 'Lemon & Sultana Scotch Pancakes', to make these just replace 10-20 ml of the milk with lemon juice and add ~25 g of sultanas to mix just before you start to cook the pancakes. You'll need to use a tablespoon rather than pouring straight from the jug though to make sure each pancake contains sultanas!
  3. You can serve these just as they, with a little butter on top, some ice-cream melted over them, topped with maple syrup and pecans, topped with toffee sauce and mixed nuts or any number of other variations, be creative!

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