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My daughter Abigail was diagnosed with Coeliac disease in 2004, when she was just 3 years old. At the time their was very little in the way of gluten-free alternatives available in the UK and what was available wasn't, in general, very good. After months of scouring the internet for recipes we ended up realising that for the most part we were going to have to come up with many of our own recipes and so  in the summer of 2005 we started a website called 'AbigailsSpecialFood' to share and create an online record of our recipes. We soon started receiving thousands of hits every day and were astounded by its popularity!

Since then the website has been through many changes and overhauls, but we took the decision last year to completely modernise the site by converting it into a blog and to giving it a more 'grown up' and memorable name. And so CoeliacFriendly.co.uk was born :) 

A note regarding 'AbigailsSpecialFood'...

We also decided it was time to revisit all our old recipes. So much has changed in the last 8 years with regards to gluten free foods, the availability of Xanthan Gum being a prime example, that we felt all our recipes needed to be looked at again to make sure that they were still relevant and to see if they could be improved.  So, whilst the original site has now been taken down (as of January 2013) and old links will redirect you here, you may not be able to find the recipe you are looking for just yet, but please do bear with us as we will try to get through them as quickly as possible! 

We also have several exciting new recipes that we have developed in the last couple of months and more in the pipeline so be sure to check back regularly!

Best regards

John & Abigail Young

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