Sunday 3 March 2013

Review - No Wheat Chocolate And Orange Bars

One of the things we tend to take for granted is the good old fashioned chocolate biscuit, a favourite being the wafer (e.g. Blue Riband) so when we spotted these in Tesco a couple of years ago for just less than £1 for 5 we had to try them!

First off let's look at how the price measures up;

Nestle Blue Riband 8 Pack - £1.55 (0.19p each)

Tesco Value Chocolate Wafers 5 Pack - £0.55 (0.11p each)

No Wheat Chocolate And Orange - £0.85 (0.17p each)

So as you can see from the figures above although they are more expensive than the  Tesco Value wafer they are actually priced at less than the branded Blue Riband wafers, making them very good value indeed.

Taste and texture wise they are easily as good as the Blue Riband wafers, the only catch is the orange flavouring, whilst my daughter sees that as an added bonus it might put some people off as orange flavoured chocolate isn't for everyone. 

It's hard to see how this product could be improved, though it would be nice to see a plain chocolate version as well, for most people this is the perfect replacement!

No Wheat Chocolate And Orange Bars (5 Pack) 10/10

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  1. These must be the best value gluten-free biscuit on the market and. unlike many other brands in this field, it tastes as good as any mainstream wafer. Unfortunately, Tesco appear to be de-stocking this product as it is classed as a slow mover and is only available in 434 stores under special order by the managers. If you want to ensure it continues to be available in your local Tesco make your feelings known to the store manager or on-line to customer services who are extremely helpful and will bend over backwards to keep their customers happy. The wafers are also available at Morrisons.